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March 2016 Archives

What can be included in a prenuptial agreement: Part 1

Every day people in Rhode Island may read their favorite celebrity magazine and learn of a new celebrity divorce. Some famous couples have prenuptial agreements in place to protect their assets should they divorce. However, individuals of any age, fame or wealth can create a prenuptial agreement.

High-conflict divorce can be emotionally, financially draining

Whether a divorce is due to a sudden emotionally devastating event or whether it comes after years of fights and disagreements, some Rhode Island couples are relieved to simply put the past behind them and move on. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Sometimes a divorce is hostile, toxic and volatile. These high-conflict divorces come at a hugh price however.

Restraining Orders: No contact means No Contact

Some Rhode Island divorce cases involve either a Family Court restraining order, a protection from abuse order or a "No Contact" order from either the Family Court or the District Court. Often people mistakenly believe that a RI Restraining Order only means that the parties cannot speak to each other. A person believing this can find themselves being arrested or charged with a violation of a court order that may include jail time.

When might sole child custody be appropriate in Rhode Island?

Last week this blog discussed various aspects of successful co-parenting after divorce. However, there are situations in which Rhode Island couples may find that joint custody is not in the best interests of their child. When this is the case, one parent may be awarded sole custody of the child.

Co-parenting and cooperation after divorce in Rhode Island

While sometimes couples in Rhode Island can weather life's hurdles together, no one can predict what the future will bring. The world changes, lives change and people change. Sometimes this means that a couple will decide they can no longer stay together and will separate or seek a divorce. However, such break-ups can become more complex if there are children involved.

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