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High-conflict divorce can be emotionally, financially draining

Whether a divorce is due to a sudden emotionally devastating event or whether it comes after years of fights and disagreements, some Rhode Island couples are relieved to simply put the past behind them and move on. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Sometimes a divorce is hostile, toxic and volatile. These high-conflict divorces come at a hugh price however.

For example, a high-conflict divorce could require extensive litigation. This can lead to significant costs. For example, the cost of litigating a divorce could reach $77,000 or more. In comparison, if a couple is able to mediate their Rhode Island divorce, together they may only spend as little as $3,000 on it. As you can see, a high-conflict divorce can be financially draining.  Further, we can provide a more reasonable service to meet your needs.

Moreover, mediation can be a healthier way to settle divorce-related issues in a relatively reasonable manner. Mediators are also equipped to handle the emotional side of a divorce, which could reduce conflict. In addition, by resolving divorce-related issues in a neutral, rather than adversarial, setting, it may help couples deal with the emotional stress that accompanies a divorce.

Unfortunately, sometimes a high-conflict divorce can escalate into violence. For example, in another state a mother and an acquaintance of the mother were shot while at court for a child-support hearing. Sadly, they were killed as a result of the incident. In another situation, eight individuals died when a man started shooting at his ex-wife's workplace. The man and his ex-wife were involved in a child custody dispute.  In Rhode Island, a litigant and lawyer got into a fistfight in court.

As this shows, high-conflict divorce proceedings can be expensive, emotionally draining or even dangerous. Sometimes, no matter what events led to the decision to divorce and no matter how hurt each party is, it is better to set your emotions aside for the sake of settling the divorce in a more reasonable manner.

Source: The Huffington Post, "5 Insane But True Facts About High Conflict Divorce," Elizabeth Esrey, March 5, 2016

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