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May 2016 Archives

Don't fall for these misconceptions about mediation

Mediation can be a very opportune way for couples in Rhode Island to settle their divorce. This may be especially true for couples who want to have an amicable split. Moreover, divorce mediation gives couples more control of the outcome of their divorce, and unlike traditional litigation, mediated divorce settlements remain mostly private. Yet, for all the good mediation can do, there are some common misconceptions about the process that couples may have that could cause them to question whether mediation is right for them.

Your Providence Divorce Lawyer: The 1st Thing He Should Ask from You

Interviewing a Divorce Lawyer may not be on your Top Ten Things To Do list. But, if you are reading this perhaps that is where you may be soon.

Child custody in Rhode Island: Is birdnesting a possibility?

When parents in Rhode Island divorce, a parenting plan will be established. For example, if parents have joint custody, the child may move between each parent's home, perhaps living with one parent during some days of the week and the other parent on the other days of the week. Some parents may worry that such transitions are hard on their child. Therefore, they may opt for a different type of child custody arrangement: birdnesting.

What happens to pets if their owners decide to divorce?

Whether it is a dog, cat or other domestic animal, it goes without saying that our furry friends provide us with unconditional love and companionship. In fact, according to one 2015 survey, nearly 80 million households in the United States own a pet. Married spouses in Rhode Island with pets may find that they each have a strong emotional bond with their pet. This makes things very difficult should their marriage fail and they decide to divorce. What happens if each spouse want to have custody of their pet after the divorce is final?

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