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August 2016 Archives

Child custody these days may differ from that of past generations

So-called "Generation X" and "Millenium" couples in Rhode Island who have children may find that their lives are very different from those of their parents. For example, unlike previous generations, it is more likely that both partners have jobs outside the home. Moreover, both partners may be more involved in raising the children and keeping the home than in past generations.

Grandparent visitation in Rhode Island after a parent's divorce

The bond between a grandparent and his or her grandchild is a very special thing. Beyond the love between the two, grandparents in Rhode Island and elsewhere can pas a lot of valuable life lessons on to their grandchildren. Unfortunately, sometimes problematic circumstances occur, especially after a contentious divorce, in which a parent may attempt to stop his or her ex's parents from seeing their grandchildren. Perhaps this is an act of revenge or simply due to the animosity of the divorce. This cut-off can harm not just the grandparents but the child as well. Rhode Island law recognizes this and provides grandparents the right to visit their grandchild under very specific circumstances.

What happens when you begin the road towards divorce?

Once an individual decides to divorce, this signifies not just the end of their marriage but also the beginning of the divorce process. Rhode Island residents who are contemplating divorce should understand what issues they may encounter along the way and ways to resolve these potential problems.

Is there a link between a spouse's employment status and divorce?

Some couples in Rhode Island choose to embrace a "traditional" marriage, in which the husband works outside the home, while the wife stays at home to care for the family. These days, however, more spouses are choosing to both work outside the home and share the household duties. But what happens if one spouse loses his or her job? Does that affect the couple's chances of divorce?

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