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October 2016 Archives

A brief overview of the development of divorce in America

The right to divorce in America seems to be a given, and these days Rhode Island residents can even get a "no-fault" divorce, by citing "irreconcilable differences" as the reason behind their split. However, it has not always been possible or easy to get a divorce. Let's take a look back in time and explore a brief overview of the history of divorce in the United States.

What factors may a court consider when deciding on child custody?

When parents in Rhode Island are divorcing, one of their primary concerns is usually their child. Not only may they be concerned about their child's well-being during the divorce process, but they may also be concerned about child custody issues and how much time they will have with their child post-divorce.

Divorce presents a variety of family law issues to resolve

Getting divorced in Rhode Island involves much more than one party moving out of the family home and signing a few documents after a trip to the courtroom. It is important to understand what issues need to be resolved and how to best go about reaching an outcome that is fair. For this reason, many people seeking a divorce may need to get more information before any decisions are made.

Prenuptial agreements may not be romantic, but they are practical

Couples in Rhode Island who are engaged to be married may have stars in their eyes, but they should not forget the financial practicalities that married life will bring. After all, they may have an idea as to whose property should be whose, and what property will be owned by the two of them. One way to cement these notions is by creating a prenuptial agreement. And, in fact, according to a 2013 American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers survey, 63 percent of members surveyed stated that they saw an uptick in the creation of prenuptial agreement since 2010.

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