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November 2016 Archives

Can parents in Rhode Island negotiate a child support agreement?

Parents in Rhode Island who are getting a divorce may be under the assumption that the only way child support will be determined is through a child support order following a court hearing in front of a judge. What they may not know, however, is that, with attorney representation, they may be able to come to a child support agreement through negotiations. Keep in mind, however, that even if a child support agreement is made out-of-court, most states require that the agreement be approved by the court to confirm that it is in compliance with that state's child support guidelines.

Look out for the waste of assets in a Rhode Island divorce

Not every couple in Rhode Island can end their marriage amicably. Sometimes the tensions and arguments that lead to the divorce can linger on throughout the divorce process. This can lead to couples fighting over every last dollar of every asset that they have. Some parties may even go so far as to "dissipate" -- or waste -- marital property.

What are some qualities to look for in a divorce mediator?

Couples in Rhode Island seeking a divorce may recognize that despite the disagreements and hard feelings that led to the decision to divorce, the divorce process itself does not have to be combative. Sometimes, out-of-court negotiations are preferred as a means to settle a divorce in a quieter and more agreeable manner. One way to settle a divorce is through mediation, and one of the first steps for individuals choosing this option is to select a mediator. There are certain qualities that individuals may want to consider when deciding on a mediator for their divorce.

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