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When might divorce mediation be an appropriate choice?

Not every couple seeking a divorce in Rhode Island wants it to be a contentious and drawn-out affair. They may wonder if there is any alternative to the courtroom that allows them to settle their divorce issues on their terms in a more private, amicable manner. These couples may want to consider divorce mediation as an alternative to litigation. How can these couples determine if mediation is an appropriate choice for them?

Mediation is not the best option is if there is a history of abuse in the couple's relationship. This means not just physical abuse, but also emotional or verbal abuse. Mediation requires open communication, and if there is a history of abuse, the victim may be too afraid to communicate his or her wishes. This makes the mediation process ineffective and unwise.

In addition, mediation requires a certain amount of confidence. Each party must be able to communicate not just his or her wishes with regard to the divorce settlement, but also stand up for his or her rights. If a person feels uncertain as to how to do this, he or she can always hire an attorney to help ensure his or her best interests are represented.

Also, when it comes to mediation, each party must be open about the marital assets. If a party is certain that all marital assets have been disclosed, and believes that the other party has not hidden any assets, mediation may be appropriate. If there is a concern that one party is hiding assets, an attorney or other professional can help uncover these.

Moreover, despite the animosity that may have led up to the divorce, in mediation each party has to at least be understanding of the other party's wishes. Otherwise mediation could go on and on without a resolution ever being met. Going into mediation with the attitude that you want it to be successful can go a long way in seeing an appropriate resolution out of the mediation process.

As you can see, for some couples seeking a less acrimonious way of settling their divorce issues, mediation may be a good option. While mediation is not right for everyone, for those who are a good fit it can be a positive way to end their relationship on their terms.

Source:, "5 Ways to Decide if Mediation Is a Cost-Effective Solution for Your Divorce," Shawn Leamon, Accessed on Nov. 27, 2016

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