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Life changes may warrant a child support modification

When parents in Rhode Island divorce, the noncustodial parent in general will pay child support to the custodial parent. However, this is usually not the end of the story. Life is rarely static; indeed it is ever-changing. For example, a parent could see a significant increase or decrease in their income. In other cases, new children may be born to one ex-spouse or the other after their divorce. In addition, a person's living arrangements may change, even years after their divorce.

Parenting plans set the groundwork for cooperation post-divorce

When parents in Rhode Island decide to end their relationship, whether they were married or not, future cooperation may be the furthest thing from their minds, especially if the break-up was particularly acrimonious. However, they should understand that having children together means that they will still be a part of each other's lives, whether they like it or not. After all, there will be contact with regard to child custody and visitation schedules, but there is so much more. They'll both hopefully be attending their child's soccer games, dance recitals and graduations. Furthermore, even after the children are grown, there will be weddings and perhaps eventually grandchildren. Therefore, setting the groundwork for solid and civil communication and cooperation from the get-go is important.

How does divorce mediation in Rhode Island work?

Sometimes, despite all the anger, sadness and hurt that lead a couple to decide to divorce, they may still want to find a dignified way to end their marriage without having to go give up control of the conversation and process as occurs in  litigation, which can be stressful, time-consuming and expensive. For these couples, divorce mediation may be a wonderful option. Through mediation, couples in Rhode Island can resolve their divorce issues without protracted litigation.  Once they have reached an agreement in mediation, they can use the agreed upon terms to put their divorce through before the RI Family Court.

Paying child support in Rhode Island via direct deposit

Parents in Rhode Island paying child support have many options to do so. One of these options that may be convenient for some is paying child support via direct deposit. Through direct deposit, the child support funds will be electronically tranasferred from the paying parent's bank account to the receiving parent's bank account.

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