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April 2017 Archives

Cohabitating Before or Instead of Marriage

Today, many more people are cohabitating. Without being legally tied together, couples may choose to reside together to save on rent, utilities and other expenses. Some couples want to live together before they consider marriage, while others may be divorced and never want to go through a divorce again.

What is the main goal of child support?

Many Rhode Island residents enter the divorce process with specific goals in mind. For some, the goal is to keep a certain piece of property. For others, the goal is to obtain a particular child custody arrangement. And, for many, the goal is to make sure that any child support order is fair. But, what is the main goal of child support?

Parenting: College Costs

To some, parenting includes contributing to a child's college expenses.  College costs and the related debt can be huge today. As a family law practitioner and mediator, I see too many people in their mid-fifties or older getting divorced and having to pay significant college loans that they signed for their children. The total amount of the loans often exceeds $100,000. It's like having a second mortgage to be paid when you may want, or need, to retire.

Divorce mediation in Rhode Island

Many of our readers have questions about the divorce process - perhaps they are in the planning stages of filing for divorce, or maybe they are right in the middle of everything. For some, issues like child custody and property division are the most pressing concerns. For others, just getting through the divorce process is enough of a goal. But, for most, there is a potential solution to many issues: family mediation.

Divorce rates drop, but couples should still take precautions

For years now, the common refrain regarding marriage is that half of them will end in divorce. But, according to a recent report, that isn't actually true anymore. The recent report noted a study which indicates that in the last 35 years, the rate of divorces in America has actually decreased by 25 percent. If that is the case, then the new reality about divorce is that the majority of marriages actually make it.

For many couples, child custody is a vital part of a divorce

The prospect of the many different family law issues that Rhode Island residents can face in a divorce can seem daunting. Most divorce cases will involve property division issues, alimony and child support. However, for couples with children, the issue of child custody can be the most important issue of all.

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