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Divorce rates drop, but couples should still take precautions

For years now, the common refrain regarding marriage is that half of them will end in divorce. But, according to a recent report, that isn't actually true anymore. The recent report noted a study which indicates that in the last 35 years, the rate of divorces in America has actually decreased by 25 percent. If that is the case, then the new reality about divorce is that the majority of marriages actually make it.

There could be many different reasons for the drop in the divorce rate. Some probably think that there are fewer divorces because, overall, there may be fewer marriages taking place - with many people just deciding that marriage isn't as important as a social construct anymore. Or, others might think that the young people who are getting married today - many of whom are "children of divorce" - saw what a divorce can do to a family and made the personal commitment to not even think of divorce as an option when times get tough.

Whatever the reasons for the drop in the divorce rate, it can still be prudent to take certain precautions, such as prenuptial agreements. The reality is that divorces still occur, and, as long as they do, it can only make sense to do what you can to make the divorce proceedings go smoother if the time comes.

Conflict is a part of every relationship, eventually. Nobody is perfect. But, by taking precautions before the times get tough, Rhode Island residents might be able to reduce the emotional stress and anxiety that so often accompany the divorce process.

Source: Kiplinger, "Strategically Thinking About Divorce," Andrew Bass, April 5, 2017

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