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What is the main goal of child support?

Many Rhode Island residents enter the divorce process with specific goals in mind. For some, the goal is to keep a certain piece of property. For others, the goal is to obtain a particular child custody arrangement. And, for many, the goal is to make sure that any child support order is fair. But, what is the main goal of child support?

Child support enforcement and nonpayment penalties

Raising a child can be extremely expensive. Paying for the mere basics, including food and clothing, can make a massive dent in parents' finances, especially considering these expenses will need to be paid for at least 18 years. And this doesn't even consider other costs, such as schooling expenses, extracurricular expenses, and medical costs. Children are worth it, but that doesn't make the financial realities of raising them any easier, especially when one parent is a child's primary caregiver. This is why child support is so important for both custodial and noncustodial parents.

Establish paternity to secure child support

A Rhode Island divorce can raise a whole host of legal issues. Barring the existence of a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement, parting spouses will likely need to address property division, spousal support, child custody, and child support. The battle over these issues can be heated, and those who fail to protect their legal rights can be taken advantage of. Reversing the course of an unfavorable outcome can be difficult too, so those who are being confronted by these family law legal issues need to ensure that they are prepared to do so competently.

Life changes may warrant a child support modification

When parents in Rhode Island divorce, the noncustodial parent in general will pay child support to the custodial parent. However, this is usually not the end of the story. Life is rarely static; indeed it is ever-changing. For example, a parent could see a significant increase or decrease in their income. In other cases, new children may be born to one ex-spouse or the other after their divorce. In addition, a person's living arrangements may change, even years after their divorce.

Paying child support in Rhode Island via direct deposit

Parents in Rhode Island paying child support have many options to do so. One of these options that may be convenient for some is paying child support via direct deposit. Through direct deposit, the child support funds will be electronically tranasferred from the paying parent's bank account to the receiving parent's bank account.

Can parents in Rhode Island negotiate a child support agreement?

Parents in Rhode Island who are getting a divorce may be under the assumption that the only way child support will be determined is through a child support order following a court hearing in front of a judge. What they may not know, however, is that, with attorney representation, they may be able to come to a child support agreement through negotiations. Keep in mind, however, that even if a child support agreement is made out-of-court, most states require that the agreement be approved by the court to confirm that it is in compliance with that state's child support guidelines.

Modifying child support payments with the help of OCSS

Many parents who are paying child support in Rhode Island live up to their financial obligations. However, some of them may someday find themselves facing unexpected financial hardships. When this happens, they may wish to modify their child support order.

Can federal tax refunds be intercepted to pay back child support?

It is an unfortunate fact that just because a child support order is in place after a divorce in Rhode Island doesn't mean it will be followed. Noncustodial parents may fail to meet their financial obligations by neglecting to pay child support in the full amount or on time. In fact, some noncustodial parents may fail to pay the required amount of child support at all. When this happens, certain child support enforcement actions may be taken. One enforcement tool that may be at one's disposal is the Federal Tax Refund Offset Program.

Modifying child support when circumstances have changed

When it comes to seeking a child support modification, residents of Rhode Island may think that it is only the paying parent that can do so. After all, even a small change in a parent's income can have a great effect on an individual's ability to meet his or her child support obligations. When a person loses his or her job, or has reduced work hours, that person may be in a circumstance in which he or she believes an existing child support order is no longer fair. In these circumstances, a parent may seek to have that child support order modified.

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