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Summer Parenting Planning for Children

Managing summer planning for children after a divorce can be difficult. Whether you are paying or receiving child support, allocating money for summertime pleasures may be hard. First, you need to plan in advance to determine the days and/or weeks that you will have a child/children with you. Then you need to plan for those days and weeks.

Medical Marijuana and Parenting Plans

Rhode Island allows its citizens may to have medical marijuana cards, authorizing them to grow and use marijuana legally. The statute provides that no school, employer or landlord may refuse to enroll, employ or lease to a person with a medical marijuana card. However, what happens in Family Court when a parent has a medical marijuana card and wants custody and time with his/her children according to a parenting plan?

Getting Child Support when you are Unmarried.

The number of children being born to unmarried partners has grown by leaps and bounds. The American Community Survey found that over 36% of women who gave birth in 2013 in the U.S.A were unmarried. A recent study from John Hopkins University found that more than half of millennial woman aged 26 to 31 who have babies are either unmarried or single instead of being part of a married couple.

Raising children through a divorce and beyond

Rhode Island residents realize that divorce can be a very challenging time. Divorce not only affects the spouses involved, but the children as well. The ability to help children through a divorce may serve a dual purpose in also assisting the parents to get through the transition.

Usher's Child Custody Emergency

Nothing creates more emergency child custody petitions at Family Court than one parent feeling that the other has neglected or intentionally mistreated a child. Oftentimes, it is just a method of getting a temporary upper hand until a full hearing can occur before a Judge. In the Rhode Island Family Court, one parent can allege that there is an emergency situation that should change the custody and parenting plan (visitation) immediately and even stop the other parent from seeing the child on a temporary basis.

Child Custody or Visitation after Rape

Rape, "legitimate" or not, is the topic in the news as the 2012 Republican Convention is about to begin. However, another aspect that Rhode Islanders should understand and consider is that the rapist is entitled to make a claim child custody or the joint custody of the child or for visitation rights with the child.

Parenting Plans: Support A Child's Relationship With Each Parent

As a Rhode Island divorce mediator and lawyer, I see separating parties in two different processes.  The methods of parenting before and during the divorce and the preparation of a parenting plan for the future are the same in either process. Every mediator and divorce attorney tells clients that the child is entitled to have a significant relationship with both parents, unless there is an abuse issue.

These days, more children have unmarried parents

Rhode Island residents are aware that nontraditional family structures are very common these days. With varying family configurations, child custody or visitation issues are more and more relevant. Did you know that an increasing number of firstborns in the country have unmarried parents? These numbers have changed significantly in recent years.

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