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Obtaining Your Spouse's Emails

Unauthorized access to a spouse's emails might violate the federal Wiretapping and Electronic Surveillance Act, the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals decided on December 14, 2016. Stephanie Francis Ward wrote in the ABA Journal that the 7th Circuit (the second highest court of the land) was faced with a situation concerning a spouse in a divorce. Apparently, the wife had put an "auto forward" on the husband's email account, so she was forwarded emails to the husband from anyone, including his alleged girlfriends.

Your Providence Divorce Lawyer: The 1st Thing He Should Ask from You

Interviewing a Divorce Lawyer may not be on your Top Ten Things To Do list. But, if you are reading this perhaps that is where you may be soon.

Your RI Divorce Mediator Cannot Go To Court With You.

I recently met a couple who arrived for divorce mediation services, because one party's co-worker advised that mediation was cheaper than hiring a lawyer. As usual, I began our meeting with an explanation of the mediation process (they had been invited to visit my blog).

Preparing for Divorce Mediation - RI: What is the Conflict About?

Preparing for Divorce Mediation begins with thoughtful considerations about the reason for going to mediation at all. Something happened in the marriage causing you to travel down the road to divorce. That "something" brings various feelings, including anger, fear, resentment, confusion. All of these feelings can be resolved in mediation.

We're separating in Rhode Island. What do I do next?

Whether married or living together, you will face many questions when separating in Rhode Island. You may discover some answers by communicating with your significant other or spouse. The roots of the best solutions are often started by two people communicating. However, anger or distrust may interfere with communications; a third party is often helpful to creating solutions.

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