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3 Signs a Divorce Client will be satisfied

I can anticipate when a divorce client will never be satisfied; I also have an idea which clients will be satisfied with their divorce. To determine when someone will be satisfied, let's look at the unsatisfied client:

What Children Learn from Observing Parents During Divorce.

I understand that people going through a divorce are stressed an pushed to their emotional limits at times.  Often, words are spoken or actions taken without considering their true effect.  I have heard the following in meetings with people ready to start a divorce, as they go through one, and even after the divorce is final:

Is a Rhode Island Divorce Contagious?

We all know that certain illnesses are contagious. Chickenpox, mononucleosis and strep infections are all contagious.  We keep our children home from school or we stay out of work if we are contagious.  A recent study from the Pew Research Center suggests that divorce of a friend or close relative dramatically increases the chances that you will divorce, too.

Rhode Island Divorce Mediation - Fears Must be Resolved

Challenges bring me the renewed satisfaction of helping people resolve their differences in a positive fashion. Every mediation brings new challenges. Every story has variations on similar themes. Every client brings a personality and experience different from the last client.

One Divorce Mediation: 2 Lessons

A divorce client called me for advice based upon dynamics of the ongoing divorce mediation. She said that the mediator, having prepared an initial draft of a Memorandum of Understanding, did not want to revise it based upon a recent development. The incident that caused the client to call was that the husband finalized plans for the kids to attend summer camp for 4 weeks and told the kids about it without discussing the same with the mother. Camp time interfered with her time with the children and she wanted input into the identity of the camp that the children would attend for the first time. The mediator suggested that the lawyers make the modification. Should she leave mediation and ask the lawyer to resolve that issue?

Relocation Therapy in Divorce

People going through divorce often consider remaining in the marital home. Two areas of concern one must consider in making the decision are (1) the financial aspect and (2) the emotional aspect.

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