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Applying Innovative Process: Divorce Mediation

Most separating couples harbor questions, fears, insecurities and anger and all are intertwined. Add friends and relative who shovel fuel on the fire ("you should take him/her for all she has") and others who give erroneous advice on what should happen and it is no wonder clients spend large fees on lawyers to sooth their fueled sense of entitlement. Most businesses that act like that, making decisions based on emotions rather than objective, fail to survive.  Divorce Mediation is a beneficial and powerful process to resolve divorce issues, even for high conflict parties.

Rhode Island Divorce: Should You Read Your Spouse's Emails?

Spouses feeling insecure or jealous about their spouse, or those trying to gain advantage in their divorce proceedings may want to delve into their spouse's emails, hoping to find evidence of misconduct and other secrets.

Divorce Planning: Ask Tough Questions - Start Where You Are

Whether involved in a RI divorce mediation or working with a divorce lawyer, parties need to consider tough questions.

Needing to Blame A Spouse - Expensive and Shuns Mediation

Having completed a 4-day contested divorce trial, I look back with the eyes of a litigator and a Rhode Island divorce mediator, understanding why this case never settled in mediation. The wife's driving motivation was assessing blame.

8 Tactics to a Good Divorce

Seeking revenge in divorce proceedings rarely brings satisfaction. Separating and ending a marriage generates emotions for every participant. A "Good Divorce" is one that can be amicable based upon mutual cooperation and fairness,completed without the chance decisions of a Judge. Bad ones become adversarial, toxic and long-lasting, resulting in costly battles leaving emotional and financial scars. Some hints are:

High Conflict Divorce Resolution

High Conflict Divorces cost time, money and emotional energy. One hallmark of active disputing is verbal abuse: insulting, belittling and demeaning interchanges that occur weekly, often on the telephone or at a time of a transfer of a child from one home to the other. A Background Paper from the Department of Justice - Canada, shows the degree of conflict may be heightened. Significant others (extended family, friends, new partners) may fuel the conflict. Disputes can be sharpened by a party's humiliation, sadness, helplessness, guilt or fear.  Without intending to increase a dispute, attorneys, advocates in an adversarial system, contribute to the degree of conflict by advising clients not to talk to their spouse, making extreme demands to increase bargaining advantage and filing motions in a public forum that characterize the spouse in a negative light.

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