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Divorce Lawyer in Rhode Island vs. Salesmanship

This week, I was surprised by an opposing lawyer. I was in a Rhode Island Divorce Court for a conference with the Judge and the Wife's attorney. The wife's attorney had filed a Motion for support for an adult child of the marriage. He said that his client had told him that the adult daughter lived with her, was not currently working, that she had a brain tumor when she was a young child and the wife wanted support for this child from my client, the husband. I had to inform him that the child was over the age of 18, and had graduated college, worked a couple of part-time jobs and was currently actively seeking employment. He had failed to get that information from his client.

Divorce? 30 - 45 with kids and unhappily married.

You may feel that you are not in a good place and believe that a Rhode Island Divorce is in your future. You and your spouse may be arguing and the love that brought you together may have left the relationship. Emotions run high and unhappiness creeps into the rest of your life.

3 Signs a Divorce Client will be satisfied

I can anticipate when a divorce client will never be satisfied; I also have an idea which clients will be satisfied with their divorce. To determine when someone will be satisfied, let's look at the unsatisfied client:

Rhode Island Divorce: Avoiding Family Court

Clients call about a Rhode Island Divorce, asking if a mediator can help them completely avoid Family Court as they go through a divorce. Although the answer is "No" as the Court is needed to grant the divorce, there are ways to reduce the court's role in resolving the disputes between you and your spouse. This is also true for unmarried people with issues concerning their children and support.

Applying Innovative Process: Divorce Mediation

Most separating couples harbor questions, fears, insecurities and anger and all are intertwined. Add friends and relative who shovel fuel on the fire ("you should take him/her for all she has") and others who give erroneous advice on what should happen and it is no wonder clients spend large fees on lawyers to sooth their fueled sense of entitlement. Most businesses that act like that, making decisions based on emotions rather than objective, fail to survive.  Divorce Mediation is a beneficial and powerful process to resolve divorce issues, even for high conflict parties.

Owning the Divorce Solution - the Ikea Effect

Divorce brings "costs" - financial and emotional. These costs may not end after a Final judgment, notably if there was a contest. When making the decision to litigate or mediate, one should consider the costs of prolonged court proceedings for temporary orders, contempt orders, and a contested divorce.

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