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Medical Marijuana and Parenting Plans

Rhode Island allows its citizens may to have medical marijuana cards, authorizing them to grow and use marijuana legally. The statute provides that no school, employer or landlord may refuse to enroll, employ or lease to a person with a medical marijuana card. However, what happens in Family Court when a parent has a medical marijuana card and wants custody and time with his/her children according to a parenting plan?

New study reveals joint custody may be beneficial to kids

Most parents in Rhode Island who are going through a divorce want to do what is best for their children. Traditionally, getting a divorce meant one parent would have sole physical custody and the other parent would have visitation. However, a new study has revealed that joint physical custody arrangements may have some benefits.

Rhode Island residents may seek sole child custody

While shared or joint custody may be a noble goal that aims to preserve a child's relationship with each parent in Rhode Island after a divorce, there are times when it is not in the best interests of the child to award joint custody. In these situations, sole custody may be the better choice.

Understanding the basics of child custody

Divorcing couples have a lot of decisions that have to be made before their divorce is finalized. These decisions can have a long term impact on the couple's lives and therefore people need to know how the decisions will affect them going forward. In many cases, the decisions surrounding the custody of their children are very important. Not only do child custody issues affect the parents but they greatly affect the lives of the children.

Solve child custody issues with our help

Children are often the pride and joy of their parents' lives. Every child is a combination of that child's parents while still being completely unique. Just like no two children are the same, no two child custody situations are the same. Every child, every family and every parent has different needs, desires and wishes when it comes to child custody. Family law courts often have a difficult time adjusting to this reality.

Children need attention and security following a divorce

A divorce can be a difficult time for any member of a Rhode Island family. However, it can be particularly difficult for children. For kids, often everything they've ever known is being changed. Child custody arrangements mean they are seeing their parents at different times and often in different houses. Their parents no longer live together and may be engaged in some heated legal disputes.

Reality star settles child custody dispute with former spouse

Rhode Island residents would probably agree that while divorces are difficult to deal with, they can be especially hard on the children. Many times the best interests of the child are compromised amidst an acrimonious divorce proceeding between the estranged spouses.

Move-away custody cases and the best interests of the child

Every child custody case in Rhode Island presents its own unique facets and dimension. Some child custody plans may be arranged out of court, with the help of mediators and attorneys. Other times, child custody cases must be determined by the court. In either case, those planning the child custody arrangement must keep the child's best interests at the forefront of the conversation. The child's needs outweigh the parent's wants, but there are, in many cases, ways to fulfill both.

Actor Seth Peterson and wife determining child custody

Every child custody situation is unique. Whether there are four children of varying ages involved or only one child, each situation calls for a specific and unique approach. In the end, it is the child's best interests that matter most, and this means that every child custody case has to be carefully considered and structured in a way that allows for a parenting plan that best suits the child's needs.

NBA star settles child custody dispute

Rhode Island residents may think they do not have much in common with famous sports athletes. However, when it comes to issues of one's children, individuals of all socioeconomic status, race and believe often struggle with similar issues. Child custody is an issue that affects many individuals, whether they are going through a divorce or separating from their co-parent.

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