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Your 401(k) in divorce / child support arrearages

People going through a divorce expect to receive a share of marital retirement accounts. Lawyers use Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDRO's) to split 401(k), 403(b) or other retirement plans.  Can you consider other uses for this retirement plan, including payment of child support arrearages?

Social media site proves dangerous for father

Facebook is now a way of life for most individuals, including Rhode Island residents. However, if an individual is attempting to dodge child support payments, it may not be a good idea to post details of one's personal life on the site.

Nation's parents owe $100 billion in child support

Rhode Island residents may know that the government has methods to enforce child support orders including garnishing paychecks, intercepting tax refunds or suspending driver's licenses. But according to the federal Office of Child Support enforcement, there is still over $100 billion owed in delinquent payments.

Terms of Tom Cruise child support payments revealed

Rhode Island residents probably know about the divorce and quick settlement between former celebrity couple Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise. They may not know, however, that the recently released official court documents have revealed the particular terms of the child support payment arrangements. Holmes has primary physical custody of their 6-year-old daughter, and Cruise is required to pay child support. According to the terms of the divorce settlement, the leading man and action star will be required to pay $400,000 per year in child support.

Mother must pay $130,000+ for lying about fatherhood of child

A woman who purposely lied about the parentage of her son, prompting a marriage, must pay damages (in excess of $130,000) to her ex-husband who supported and loved the child believing it was his, ruled the Tennessee Supreme Court. Nine years after the marriage, the wife's admitted to adultery, causing a divorce.  The husband was ordered to pay child support for the child he thought was his son and his adopted daughter.  He continued to visit "his" chldren and evenmoved to be closer to them.  Approximately seven years after the divorce, the husband learned from DNA tests that he was not the father of the teenage son.

Three Ways child support can affect obtaining a car loan

Many people in Rhode Island pay or receive child support, believing that the payments are used to maintain a lifestyle for the child, including shelter, food and clothing. Many are surprised to learn that these payments can affect obtaining a loan, especially if the borrower's credit score contains dings and dents.

Child Support vs. Payment of Other Expenses for a Child

In a recent entry, we saw that nonpayment of tens of thousands of dollars of child support by a Rhode Island father led to his out of state arrest.  Here is another case that can lead to problems.

Life Insurance Issues in Divorce

Life insurance plays an important role in divorce proceedings. It may be used to insure the payment of child support or alimony. A parent with one 10-year old child who is required to pay $150 per week in child support, will pay $7,800 per year and $62,400 over the eight years. The custodial spouse may wish to insure those payments with life insurance in case the non-custodial parent dies suddenly.

New 2012 Rhode Island Child Support Guidelines

Rhode Island's Child Support Guidelines have been revised effective as of June 4, 2012. Federal regulations require that each state review its guidelines every 4 years. In the fall of 2011, the RI Family Court convened the Child Support Guidelines Committee, of which Steve Hirsch was a member. The Committee, in February 2012, submitted its final report with the proposed Guidelines.

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