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How Divorce Mediation Resolves a Difficult Conversation?

Divorce mediation or divorce negotiations include difficult conversations. Often, there is no diplomatic way to have these conversations. An employer firing a friend or relative is a difficult conversation. Telling your in-laws that they are over-bearing is a difficult conversation. Delivering a difficult message is like lobbing a hand grenade; even if it is coated with honey and softly thrown, it will still do some damage. And failure to carry through that difficult conversation is like holing onto the hand grenade after the pin has been pulled. Just remember, difficult conversations are just normal experiences we have during our lifetimes.

Rhode Island residents: change beneficiaries after divorce

When it comes to annuities, a retirement account or a life insurance plan, most people in Rhode Island name a beneficiary and then promptly forget about it. It only makes sense, when married, to select one's spouse as the beneficiary to these important accounts. But what happens to these beneficiary designations if the couple divorces? When this happens, it is important not to let the issue sit on the back burner, but to address it as soon as possible.

Older Rhode Island couples may divorce if wife falls ill

As Rhode Island residents can attest, there are many events and conflicts that can put stress on a marriage. A job loss, a death in the family or a serious illness can all spell out tough times for married couples. Sometimes, these events cause a couple to come closer together, but other times, they cause couples to drift further apart. In some situations, the rift becomes so large that it is simply in the best interests of all to divorce. In fact, one study of married couples age 50 or older found that they were more likely to get a divorce, if the wife became seriously ill.

Can cyber-squabbling on social media lead to divorce?

The breakdown of the marital bonds can lead to divorce. Many Rhode Island divorce proceedings often lead to acrimonious battles in the courtroom due to the bitter feelings between estranged spouses. In light of today's digital world, the breakdown of a relationship may begin on a new frontier.

Divorce causes much pain, some gain for most Americans

Rhode Island spouses who are involved in divorce proceedings usually want them to be as brief as possible. A lengthy divorce means more emotional stress for the parting couple, often leading to one or both parties avoiding the conflicts and agreeing to terms that will be some kind of detriment to post-divorce life. However, experts warn that the only successful path out of a divorce involves being prepared for a long legal tussle.

Holidays present difficult challenges for divorced families

Here in Rhode Island we are experiencing the autumn chill that officially puts an end to any hopes that summer's warmth may rally and resurface. As temperatures drop and people break out their heavy coats, some may begin to think forward toward their holiday get-togethers and family meals.

Why Communication Fails in Divorce

As a mediator and lawyer, I meet people seeking divorce or unmarried couples with relationship problems. The happy years ended often leaving anger and bad memories. Our brains remember negative memories more than positive ones. We hear more negative than positive feedback, so we remember the bad more. When unhappy couples meet to resolve issues for their separation and divorce, they are inclined to remember just the bad and in turn become negative in negotiations.

Easing emotional stress resulting from divorce

Life-changing events can be difficult and emotionally taxing on individuals and families. Many Kent-area residents realize that a divorce can be one of those difficult changes as it has a direct effect on close relationships. However, by following certain guidelines and steps, divorce does not have to be a difficult process for the couple or the children.

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