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How to establish paternity in Rhode Island

In a previous blog post, this blog discussed the relationship between paternity and child support. In that post, it was explained that in order to obtain child support in Rhode Island, paternity had to be established for the child. This means that a man had to be legally recognized as the father of the child. When a couple is married, the husband is the presumptive father and paternity may not be an issue. However, for unmarried couples the issues can be more difficult.

Turn to us with your Rhode Island family law concerns

There is no one-size-fits-all family in Rhode Island. Everyone's family is a little bit different from the next. Therefore, each family has slightly different issues and concerns. In most situations, there are varying personalities, concerns, issues and histories that have to be accounted for. Families often disagree as much as they love each other. With so many moving-parts, family dynamics can be complicated and difficult for those unfamiliar with the family to understand.

Understanding divorce issues that often arise in Rhode Island

When a Rhode Island couple considers parting ways and getting a divorce, there are numerous issues that can arise and complicate the process. From spousal support to child support to the way property is split between the two, the more disagreements there are, the longer the family law issues are going to take to sift through. A key to make the process as simple as possible is to gather important and reputable information beforehand. This can save time, money and aggravation in the long run.

70s music duo Captain & Tennille end their 38-year marriage

A married couple can realize that their differences are irreconcilable at any time. It does not matter how long the couple has stayed together, the realization that a divorce is necessary may strike ten weeks into a marriage or ten years. No matter how long the married couple has remained together, divorce is difficult and often unexpected. But it is never too late to begin preparing and devising a divorce strategy that can help couples to reach a mutually satisfactory divorce settlement.

January considered 'Divorce Month'

Rhode Island residents are likely aware of the many designations attached to certain months of the year. These commemorative months range from National Poetry Month to Black History Month, and they usually exist to celebrate certain heritages or art forms. January is being unofficially commemorated for a different reason -- it is now being commonly referred to as "Divorce Month."

Coming to a clear understanding of family law issues

Rhode Island residents going through divorce probably have a lot of questions about family law issues. Questions are perfectly normal. Family law issues encompass a wide array of topics -- from financial challenges to child custody -- and, often, these issues can become confused, making it difficult for divorcees to come to any kind of clear understanding. Thankfully, though, there are legal professionals available who can help guide divorcees through this and every other part of the divorce process.

The surprising news about prenuptial agreements

Most Rhode Island residents probably know that the divorce rate continues to be high in the United States. Divorce can involve many family law issues, such as property and asset division, custody arrangements, child support and alimony. In light of this fact, more couples are opting to enter into a prenuptial agreement prior to marriage.

The hidden complications of same-sex divorce

Our country has made great strides in the acceptance of gay marriage. There are now 13 states, including the District of Columbia, that allow same-sex marriage. Rhode Island is one of these 13. However, with progress can also come hidden complications. Homosexual couples, just like heterosexual couples, know that marriage is ideally a lifetime commitment. However, in our society divorce is more prominent than ever and gay couples can face even more challenges than their straight counterparts when ending their marriage.

Raising children through a divorce

Rhode Island residents know that life can throw many curveballs at a family. One of these curveballs can be the issue of divorce. Divorce is difficult because it affects not only the spouses who are going through it, but the children as well. Multiple family law issues may present themselves as a result of a divorce.

Family law issues Rhode Island residents face

Rhode Island residents may think they have very little in common with famous athletes, movie stars and musicians. The reality, however, is that celebrities face many of the same family law issues that the rest of us face. One of these issues is divorce.

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