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How Divorce Mediation Resolves a Difficult Conversation?

Divorce mediation or divorce negotiations include difficult conversations. Often, there is no diplomatic way to have these conversations. An employer firing a friend or relative is a difficult conversation. Telling your in-laws that they are over-bearing is a difficult conversation. Delivering a difficult message is like lobbing a hand grenade; even if it is coated with honey and softly thrown, it will still do some damage. And failure to carry through that difficult conversation is like holing onto the hand grenade after the pin has been pulled. Just remember, difficult conversations are just normal experiences we have during our lifetimes.

When is it time to consider mediation in a divorce?

Many divorces are uncontested: the parties have few assets or debts to argue over and they have no children. These divorces can be relatively easy to complete. However, other divorces can be quite contentious. There may be many different assets in question, including complicated issues like business interests and retirement accounts. And, there will likely be children involved in these types of divorces, leaving the soon-to-be ex-spouses to fight over child custody and child support.

Divorce mediation in Rhode Island

Many of our readers have questions about the divorce process - perhaps they are in the planning stages of filing for divorce, or maybe they are right in the middle of everything. For some, issues like child custody and property division are the most pressing concerns. For others, just getting through the divorce process is enough of a goal. But, for most, there is a potential solution to many issues: family mediation.

How does divorce mediation in Rhode Island work?

Sometimes, despite all the anger, sadness and hurt that lead a couple to decide to divorce, they may still want to find a dignified way to end their marriage without having to go give up control of the conversation and process as occurs in  litigation, which can be stressful, time-consuming and expensive. For these couples, divorce mediation may be a wonderful option. Through mediation, couples in Rhode Island can resolve their divorce issues without protracted litigation.  Once they have reached an agreement in mediation, they can use the agreed upon terms to put their divorce through before the RI Family Court.

Where to turn in Rhode Island for your divorce mediation needs

Does getting a divorce in Rhode Island mean you never have to have any communication with your ex moving forward? Not usually. Especially if you and your ex have children together, there will be at least some communication with regard to parenting, for example, during drop-off and pick-up times, or when it comes to making joint decisions regarding the child. In addition, as time marches on, life happens. Children grow older, you or your ex may get a new job or get remarried.  You will both attend your child's marriage and you will share grandchildren in common.

When might divorce mediation be an appropriate choice?

Not every couple seeking a divorce in Rhode Island wants it to be a contentious and drawn-out affair. They may wonder if there is any alternative to the courtroom that allows them to settle their divorce issues on their terms in a more private, amicable manner. These couples may want to consider divorce mediation as an alternative to litigation. How can these couples determine if mediation is an appropriate choice for them?

What are some qualities to look for in a divorce mediator?

Couples in Rhode Island seeking a divorce may recognize that despite the disagreements and hard feelings that led to the decision to divorce, the divorce process itself does not have to be combative. Sometimes, out-of-court negotiations are preferred as a means to settle a divorce in a quieter and more agreeable manner. One way to settle a divorce is through mediation, and one of the first steps for individuals choosing this option is to select a mediator. There are certain qualities that individuals may want to consider when deciding on a mediator for their divorce.

How can mediation help address your divorce legal issues?

Getting a divorce can be an emotionally-charged event. Feelings such as anger, resentment, guilt and sadness bubble to the surface, causing some Rhode Island spouses to continue fighting even after they have separated. However, leaving the matter up to a judge via litigation may not end up in the result you want. If you can set your negative emotions aside, mediating your divorce might be one way to tailor your outcome to meet your needs and move forward.

What to bring to - and what to expect from - divorce mediation

For some Rhode Island couples seeking a divorce, mediation is preferable to litigation. These couples may want to finish their divorce quickly and with as little strife as possible, two things that may not happen if they litigated their divorce instead. Last week we discussed some good reasons why couples in Rhode Island seeking a divorce may choose divorce mediation. Today we will continue our series on mediation by going over some ways individuals can help make their mediation session successful.

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