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Understanding the demands of the divorce process

When couples in Rhode Island determine that filing for divorce is their best option, they are not often prepared to deal with all the demands of the divorce process. The end of a marriage requires spouses to evaluate their life prior to marriage and during their union, while also speculating the needs of their post-divorce lives. Our law firm understands that this is not an easy life event to go through. The difficulties and emotional toll the process creates could lead to disputes and various legal divorce issues.

Addressing post-divorce issues and tax implications

The decision to get a divorce is not an easy one to make for Rhode Island couples. Often times, this process if difficult to initiate, work through and finalize. The issues and disputes often presented in dissolution can also lead to post-divorce issues. One common factor to consider in a divorce and in a former spouses post-divorce life is tax implications immediately following their split and the years following it.

What is marital property?

When couples get married, they often co-mingle their property. This means that they often share money, real estate, personal belongings and other assets completely. They both take ownership over the assets and use them for their benefit and for the benefit of the family. However, when a Rhode Island couple decides to separate this arrangement cannot continue. Instead, the couple must split their property. This can leave couples struggling to decide what property is marital and what property is separate.

What to do when one spouse is resisting divorce

When a Rhode Island spouse makes the decision to end a marriage, there can be a lot of emotions involved. This emotional stress can cause tensions to escalate very quickly. This is especially true when one spouse wants a divorce but the other spouse is resisting.

What are the legal grounds for divorce in Rhode Island?

The decision to divorce in Rhode Island is not one to be taken lightly. Whether it's a long-term marriage that has slowly deteriorated, a short one that was a mistake or something in between, there are certain legal issues that must be navigated when choosing to end a marriage. Prior to the divorce proceedings moving forward, it's required that there be legal justification for it. Once the reason for the divorce is detailed, then the couple can begin taking steps to dissolve the union.

Understanding divorce issues that often arise in Rhode Island

When a Rhode Island couple considers parting ways and getting a divorce, there are numerous issues that can arise and complicate the process. From spousal support to child support to the way property is split between the two, the more disagreements there are, the longer the family law issues are going to take to sift through. A key to make the process as simple as possible is to gather important and reputable information beforehand. This can save time, money and aggravation in the long run.

Can cyber-squabbling on social media lead to divorce?

The breakdown of the marital bonds can lead to divorce. Many Rhode Island divorce proceedings often lead to acrimonious battles in the courtroom due to the bitter feelings between estranged spouses. In light of today's digital world, the breakdown of a relationship may begin on a new frontier.

Is Bitcoin cheating the divorce property division system?

Oftentimes, divorce breaks down not only a marriage, but the existing family as well. While this can be emotionally devastating for all parties involved, divorcing individuals also handle separation of assets. The financial burden related to property division can be crippling, but managing finances during a divorce is critical.

The importance of financial management during divorce

While residents of Rhode Island know divorce is especially difficult emotionally because of the breakdown of a marriage, it can be equally difficult to deal with financially if a divorcee's financial burden is greatly increased. Paying heavy alimony or child support may lead to great financial turmoil. However, various pragmatic ways to lessen the burden on finances can be employed for positive results.

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