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Importance of having a plan during and after a divorce

Rhode Island residents know that life can present many challenges. One of the most difficult experiences some individuals may face is divorce. However, if one utilizes certain strategies leading up to their divorce, as well as after it is over, they may find that the process isn't as stressful and grim as they once may have thought.

Family law issues Rhode Island residents face

Rhode Island residents may think they have very little in common with famous athletes, movie stars and musicians. The reality, however, is that celebrities face many of the same family law issues that the rest of us face. One of these issues is divorce.

RI Divorce Mediator & Lawyer On "Revenge Porn"

Many couples, use their cell phones to take photos/videos of themselves and partners in various forms of undress and performing certain sex acts.  Usually, these photos/videos are taken with an expectation of privacy, that they would be shared only between the parties (often husband and wife). These photos can be used as revenge in a divorce.  In a recent episode of HBO's "The Newsroom", one newscaster was mortified when an ex-boyfriend posted compromising photos of her online.

The details behind divorce

Rhode Island residents, along with the rest of the country, have felt the effects of the economy. Individuals are finding many ways to cut back and save. However, there are certain things in life that individuals may not want to cut back on financially. One of these things is divorce.

Where to focus in a divorce in Rhode Island

Rhode Island residents may deal with various challenges in their every day routine from getting the kids to school, managing stress at work and handling any number of family issues. However, if an individual faces the challenge of going through a divorce, the stress factor can often times multiply. It is important that residents understand that divorce and the issues that come along with it do not have to be as big of a headache as one may think.

Overcoming family law issues through divorce

Rhode Island residents may know that divorce can be one of the most challenging experiences an individual may go through. One of the reasons divorce can be such a difficult experience are the plethora of family law issues that accompany the divorce. These issues can often linger, even after the final divorce papers are signed. One of these lingering issues is child support.

Billionaire files for divorce

Rhode Island residents may not think they have much in common with a billionaire. However, when it comes to divorce, American citizens can face many of the same challenges regardless of how much money they have. Divorce can bring about many issues including child support and custody, as well as property division and spousal support. A billionaire will be facing these issues as he heads for divorce for the third time.

What if my divorced spouse fails to follow a court order?

Issues concerning divorce do not always end when the Final Judgment is entered. Experience has shown that many couples return to court for several reasons. One of the most common reasons leading to a revisit is to modify child support when either party's income changes significantly. Another purpose is to modify a parenting schedule if a party moves to a different location, changes job locations or as the children get older, a change is necessary as their needs change.

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