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Restraining Orders: No contact means No Contact

Some Rhode Island divorce cases involve either a Family Court restraining order, a protection from abuse order or a "No Contact" order from either the Family Court or the District Court. Often people mistakenly believe that a RI Restraining Order only means that the parties cannot speak to each other. A person believing this can find themselves being arrested or charged with a violation of a court order that may include jail time.

Filing taxes after a 2015 divorce in Rhode Island

April 18 -- this year's due date for filing your income taxes -- will be here before we know it, and many Rhode Island residents have already begun preparing their tax forms for the Internal Revenue Service. That being said, Rhode Island residents who divorced in 2015 may find themselves facing some unexpected challenges when it comes to preparing their taxes.

Seeking a divorce in the new year? Start planning now

The heralding in of the new year is often seen as a fresh start for many individuals in Rhode Island. It is also a time of the year when many spouses may re-examine their relationship. For some, particularly those who are in an unhappy marriage, the new year may be seen as a good time to seek a divorce. In fact, according to some sources, January sees a spike in divorce filings.

Tips for Rhode Island spouses requesting a divorce

For many Rhode Island couples, the decision to divorce is not made lightly. Many events and life changes may have occurred that led to this major decision. Sometimes the decision to divorce is mutual, but sometimes it is one spouse or the other who initiates the divorce. Below are some tips that spouses in Rhode Island who are asking their partner for a divorce may find helpful.

Fault and irreconcilable differences in a Rhode Island divorce

There are so many factors in life that could lead to a Rhode Island couple's decision to divorce. Sometimes the decision to divorce is fairly agreeable, with each party believing that it is in their best interests to part ways. This may especially be the case if each party feels like the other did not engage in any particular wrongdoing, but that for many personal reasons they simply can no longer remain together as a married couple.

Don't forget these tips when going through divorce: Part II

There is so much at stake in a Rhode Island divorce. From property division, to establishing child support and spousal support, to setting up custody plans, it can be difficult to know where to begin. Last week we discussed some tips for Rhode Island residents considering divorce, such as checking your credit report, collecting financial documents, changing Internet passwords and setting up a P.O. box. Today we are going to explore this topic further. What other steps should residents of Rhode Island take if they believe divorce is on the horizon or they are already embroiled in one?

Don't forget these tips when going through divorce: Part I

Getting divorced can be a whirlwind of emotions, and it can be difficult to take a step back and look at the situation as a whole. Yet that is exactly what must be done to ensure that no crucial step is overlooked. Hiring a family law attorney in Rhode Island can be a good first step to take, since an attorney can provide the objectivity and know-how to handle a divorce case appropriately. In addition to hiring an attorney, the following two posts will go over some important steps to take to protect your interests in a divorce.

Dividing the family business in a Rhode Island divorce

Many Rhode Island couples pour their heart and soul into a small business, created and cultivated during the course of their marriage. So, while a couple's marriage may not last, they may at least want to see the business they built together persevere. In equitable division states, such as Rhode Island, marital property -- including businesses -- is divided based on what the judge deems to be fair.

It is important to plan for retirement after Rhode Island divorce

Property division in Rhode Island is not just about deciding who keeps the house. It is not just about dividing personal property, such as furniture, artwork and other items, which may be valuable either financially or emotionally. It is also about splitting less tangible assets, such as retirement accounts and planning for one's financial future. Therefore, it is important before heading into the property division process to have an understanding about what you needs financially after divorce.

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